The Impact of Social Media Marketing Trends on Digital Marketing

Building social media signals is very important and integral part of any digital marketing campaign and search engine optimization today. Due to the growth of social net working sites and the arrival of new marketing platforms, it has become the main part of creating vibes on any business brand. Many digital marketers are still unaware that emergence and growth of different social net working sites give the digital marketers a wide range of marketing opportunities to make the brand visible and to generate traffic to the website. Rank of your website on the search engine has big role in boosting up your conversion rate and lead generation out of your website.

Integrating marketing with search engine optimization strategies will have a great positive impact in the website organic traffic. The emergence of different and new social media optimization trends will surly affect the search engine optimization campaigns of the digital marketers to boost up the traffic to their website and the conversion rate. Here are the new social media marketing trends which came out of the insights of digital marketing experts. Embracing these trends and integrating them into the digital marketing campaign by the digital marketers will lead to growth and success of the marketing.

Investing in social media marketing – A need than a want

Now, the online marketers see the scope of SMM from a different perspective for their business. There is huge growth in the number of clients who are using different platforms to find out the product and services they need. According to the statistics, about 76% of the business uses the social media platform to gain their marketing goals. The retailers have seen 133% growth in their business when they used mobile marketing that uses social media marketing. About 71% of the consumers make a decision on a brand according to the feedback they get on social media platforms. Now days, consumer reviews are more valuable and trust worthy than the testimonials and marketing promotion that are directly coming from the site of the brand. There are many benefits for using social media platforms to promote brands that include:

1. Growing social signals

Social signals have a vital role today in boosting up your efforts in search engine optimization. When people in the social media like, share, comment and talk about the business, it will automatically result in the search engine to increase the rank in the search engine result page.

2. Promote company branding and awareness

The users of social media are more likely to recommend the brands in their circle about the quality. This will result in boosting up the image of your brand and big growth in the number of people interested in your brand and products and they will start following your brand. Gb Whatsapp

3. Word of mouth advertising is powerful

The trend of word of mouth advertising seems to achieve more trust than the advertisement descriptions by the companies through the website. Your audience reach become wider when you get more likes and shares on your web page and many become your customers.

Thus, integrating the social media marketing strategies into your search engine optimization strategy is crucial to gain the desired results.

Today the digital marketers are being attracted to the media advertising due to the shift in the behaviors of the consumers. The recent survey reveals that a good percentage of consumers spend at least 40 minutes a day on a well known social media platform like twitter and face book. And 10% of the total internet users spent time on social media sites. It gives a clear potential market gain to the internet marketers that social media can offer.

So if you are not utilizing this platform to market your brand, your competitors are probably taking these advanced steps to larger their market. It is better and essential to execute the following to leverage on social media promotion to your business gain.

Define measurable goals for your business

Connect your social media advertising with your search engine optimization strategy to promote your results and efforts.

Identify the behavior of your potential customer, activities and needs by utilizing the SEO analytics. This will give an idea what strategy you should use in social media campaign and its potential effectiveness.

Have a look at the best practices of the SEO strategies and social media optimization strategies when you optimize your landing page. Don’t underestimate the power of social media buttons to make your clients engaged when you create the landing pages.

Image Centric content for social media marketing

As all know the social media users are much fond of the pictures and sharing them. So, for an internet marketer, it is a great opportunity to build up their social signals that will boost up their brand visibility along the web. Image content is very enticing for all the social media users that give a good exposure about the product. Thus, image content has become a new social media trend embraced by all digital marketers today.

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