Hujjat Al-Wida or Farewell Pilgrimage

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) performed one Hajj in his life along with forth Umrah in the 10th Hijri or year 632 CE. After completing the final Hajj, Angel Jibrael (AS) delivered the verses of Surah Nasr which clued him to near the end of life. Thus, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) gathered his people and addressed the last sermon that directed Muslims to lead the life according to Islam. online zakat

Not only, Prophet (SAW) told about the pillars of Islam but showed them the right direction in every walk of life. Thus, Prophet (SAW) rode on his camel at Uranah valley and addressed his people. Valley is still visited by the pilgrims who go to Makkah with the world of travel umrah specials to recall what Prophet (SAW) said.

“O, my people! Your Lord has created you from one male and one female and distributes you all into different tribes as well as clans so that you could recognize each other. All human beings are the children of Adam (AS) who was made by just clay. No one is superior to others on the base of color, cast or group. Yet those who adopt piety are very near to the Lord.

There is no god but Allah-Almighty. He (SWT) fulfilled His promise by sending the Messengers and Prophets who set the true faith on the earth to eliminate the wrong beliefs.

All the material things are very near to end. Yet, the arrangements will be sustained in order to provide water to pilgrims.

All your self-absorption has been removed and after that arrogance will not be forgiven. Your blood, properties, and women are decisively illegal but Sharia (the legal way)

As you have lack of morality, so do not demand of worldly desires lest I should not plead for your redemption before Divine. Don’t be astray behind me. Don’t allow devils to spoil in sins. Keep the secrets as well as possessions safe each other. You are brothers, so be careful about your servants even select for them which you like for yourself.

Don’t extract your children from inheritance. If someone is caught in the wrong- intercourse either man or woman must penalize them with stones. Yet, the final reward will be declared at the day of Resurrection.

I have demolished the old folklore and all the revenge are forgiven. And for that purpose, I forgive Banu Hazel who murdered one of my family members.

Taking a loan is allowed if the receiver returns at the exact time. It is a very virtuous agreement if someone becomes eyewitness. Yet, the witness is accountable on the behalf of the giver. On the other hand, it is not good to stress the witness without giving time to compensate. Do not be painful to others.

Behave your women well, as they are delicate. Since you get them by the name of your Lord, so you must keep promises.

Worship only one God and offer the prayers five times a day. Keep the Fasting of Ramadan, pay the Zakat, and make sure your appearance in the Holy Kaaba. You will be gifted with huge rewards at the Day of Resurrection if you please your Lord.

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